Emo Instructions

RedBox Magic Apps

To reset any of the redbox magic apps, close the app and restart.

Emo Mind Reading App


A spectator chooses an Emoji they then read a few of the Emojis one the next screen to the magician. The magician is instantly able to tell them their chosen Emoji


The secret of Emo is a very old magic principle, that of STRAIGHT AND CURVED letters that start words … think of it this way, Each letter of the Alphabet in CAPITAL form either has only straight lines or curved lines  making its shape. See the reference chart below.

On the first screen of EMO the list is a random mixture of Emojis with Straight word names and Curved word names when a user selects an Emoji the next screen will show their Emoji and the rest of the Emojis will be of the opposite type .

In our EXAMPLE below

The Emoji smiling is chosen, Smiling starts with a S which is a CURVED WORD, the next screen that is presented are all STRAIGHT word named Emojis so when the spectator reads them. The magician only has to listen for ONE different type name and it will be the chosen name.

The chosen word was Smiling, they may read the Emojis like this






Once you hear the FIRST TWO words you know they are straight words so you now know the chosen word will be a CURVED word, so you are listening for a curved word.

Of course if they had chosen a Straight word at the start, now the other words would be CURVED word.

Remember though, they made read the Emojis anyway they choose so listen carefully.

Every time you run EMO, the Emojis are displayed in a random order and made up of a long list database so the Emojis are different each time.

Also the text font used  in EMO is of a type that  DOES NOT display any capitals so no one can ever guess the secret.

It is a very simple matter to think which is a STRAIGHT WORD or a CURVED WORD. See the reference chart.

Once you get used to instantly recognizing which type letter a word is you are set to perform EMO

OK now you know the secret let’s see how to use EMO

1: Once you have launched RedBox, click the main Emo button.

2: You are now taken to the Emoji screen, Hand your phone to your spectator and have them choose an Emoji and click on it.


3: they can change their mind by clicking the Change your Mind button. Once they are happy, have them read out some of the Emoji names from the list and INCLUDE their chosen Emoji. Normally 5 or 6 is enough.  Tell them to make sure they read all the names slowly and clearly and TRY NOT to give any indication of which is their Emoji.

Here is the METHOD part, as the read the names listen carefully for the different name.Once they have read the names ask them to click the Ok BUTTON button. So they cannot cheat you.


4: They are now at the final screen, it’s Ok if you see the screen at this point.


After your presentation and you REVEAL their Emoji, have them click the READ MY MIND button to prove to any other spectators that you are correct.