Luigi Instructions


RedBox Magic Apps

To reset any of the redbox magic apps, close the app and restart.

Luigi Animated Card Rise


Luigi is a fun animated card rise that allows the user to perform two different methods. You can either set a force card or select any card instantly.


Before you can use Luigi you need to set up the back screen.

1: Take a screen shot of your device home screen, making sure you have a least 5 rows of icons save it to your normal camera roll.


2: Once you have your screen saved open RedBox and click the main Luigi button.


3: You will now be presented with a Set Back Design image. Click the small back circle in the bottom right corner.


4: You will now to be taken to the set your back design area,

Firstly click the IMPORT IMAGE button and choose you’re saved back design.

Secondly click the SAVE SCREEN SHOT button and your screen shot is now saved until you change it.


5: you are now at your LUIGI HOME SCREEN, this is where all the magic happens. See the image for how the screen is laid out.


6: Lets set a force card

(If you are unfamiliar with the term force card, in magic a force card is where you the magician already know which card a spectator will choose. You can use many sleight of hand methods to FORCE a card on a spectator and then reveal the card using Luigi) If you do not know how to force a card. Please Google how to force a card for many methods.

To set a FORCE card in Luigi, click the SECOND from BOTTOM RIGHT Icon (see image above) this will take you to the force card screen


Click any card you wish and you will now see the Force card confirm screen


If you want this card click SET CARD, if you wish to change your mind click the CARD SET AREA back button to reselect

Once you have clicked the SET CARD button, that card will be stored in memory until you change it.

7: Now you have set a force lets reveal it with Luigi, Click the bottom left icon and you will arrive at the main Luigi screen. Click Let Luigi find your card button and your force card will rise … (if you have not set a force card a card back will be displayed)


Taa daa Luigi has found your card … and that’s it … Easy right?

Remember you can change your force card the same way at any time.

8: Now lets learn how to override the force card and set any card at any time … All it takes is TWO SECRET CLICKS from the Luigi home screen. Lets see how the screen is laid out again.


As you can see the TOP row is for the 4 Suits … its set in standard CHSD order. Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds. So whichever of those you click, it will set the suit. To set the card number you just have to remember the layout.  For Example, lets say you wanted to choice 5 or Diamonds, you press the 3rd icon down on the left and then the 4th across on the top, that’s it … simple right?

It will take you a few minutes to remember the order, just follow the chart above and it will be easy.

Once you have displayed the set card once, Luigi sets back to the SET FORCE CARD.

Now for a presentation idea on how to set the instant card.

Have a spectator think of a card and then tell you, as soon as they have told you, remove your phone from your pocket (make sure that Luigi is already running on the home screen) Under the pretense of unlocking your phone set the card. That’s it.

I’m sure you can think of many ways to simply secretly click two icons.

Then Launch Luigi and let the magic happen.

Enjoy the fun of Luigi ….