The Geno Magic Set

A number of years ago my team and I were thinking of new merchandising items for Geno’s World and someone suggested we should have a Geno magic set .. after a lot of chit chat we went ahead with the idea. Now a days not only is the magic set available is the Geno’s World Show Shop, but a chain of theme parks in Asia called Happy World have also open a few Geno endorsed shops … its a bit weird walking in and seeing my face on every shelf and in every corner … weird but groovy …. talk about an ego boost ..

Also in the large magic sets I made a series of teach the trick videos in a visual style which was kind of fun .. here is of the effects in the kit .. performance only .. if you want the secret … stop by a shop and buy a kit .. HAHAHA

Ball in vase from the magic set …

Images from the shops and the Magic Set